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OER Tracking has its roots with – so we know satellite tracking, Garmin devices and rental services. We are an authorized Garmin dealer.

Customer Service

We are here to help you – from initial advice, device setup, troubleshooting and working with tracking companies, we will be there every step of the way.

Affordable Pricing Plans

We offer affordable rates – comparable to cellular tracking device rentals. And our large fleet of devices should be able to service any size race, event, or need.

Who we serve

  • Race tracking companies
  • Race directors/organizers
  • Running, biking, auto, motorcycle, boating – anything.
  • Field Workers
  • Summer Camps
  • Outdoor Programs

We can integrate the satellite tracking feed into your custom tracking sites or you can use the free Garmin MapShare url.


Our fleet of Garmin satellite tracker/messengers use Iridium – the most reliable and best coverage satellite system. Days of battery life, small, compact, lightweight, and waterproof – ideal for long and tough events.

More from OER Tracking

We also offer expanded communications and internet service options. Our Iridium Satellite phones allow voice comms between checkpoints, race HQ, Medical staff, etc.

Our Starlink Satellite Internet setups provide high speed internet anywhere. View the live tracking from anywhere – even without a cell signal, Starlink provides high speed WiFi anywhere.

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